About an Italian painter of figurative art

Salvatore Magazzini

Celebrating his 50 years of experience in 2019, Salvatore Magazzini plays a pivotal role in the contemporary Italian art scene as a figurative oil painting artist.

Born and raised in Tuscany in 1955, the artist’s humble origins did not stop him from becoming an internationally renowned figure. It was only after abandoning his studies in architecture at Florence University in 1978 that he started to travel the globe and his career takes a crucial twist. Indeed, during the 80’s Magazzini finally found a way to transfer the emotional and physical experiences of his beloved journeys on his canvas through a dynamic style which always centralizes the essence of the landscape rather than the human presence.

“I am fascinated by nature and curious to observe how human contamination changes or reinforce the spirit of a site”, Magazzini says.

For this reason, the subject matter of his art alternates between desolated and crowded places. Best known for his passionate African sunset, American metropolis and Italian marine regions the artists, specializing in oil painting, depicts his subjects through a unique combination of color, texture and lights. Locally, Magazzini’s artwork is present in many prestigious galleries and catalogs- worth remembering the presence in the international graphic catalog Prandi, the exhibitions in the notorious galleries Arte Fiera di Bologna, Pace Milano, Finearte Roma, Pandolfini Firenze, Findesarte Venezia etc and his appearance in major national broadcasting tv channels like RAI and Orler Tv. Internationally we can find  Magazzini’s artwork in many European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France but also in United States (primarily NY and California), African regions like Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and eventually Japan.

It should also be noted important professional ties with remarkable cosmopolitan critics such as Carlo Pepi and Mario Luzi.

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