Salvatore Magazzini


Salvatore Magazzini was born on February 28th, 1955, in Pistoia (Italy), where he presently lives and works. His first exhibition is dated 1969. Now his works are present in major collections in Italy, Switzerland, France, United States, Germany, Japan, Morocco and Colombia.

Since 1991, he is present in the "PRANDI" international catalog of Reggio Emilia and in some of the most prestigious Italian auction houses: 
Pace Milano
Pananti Firenze
Fidesarte Venezia
Finarte, Milano
Finarte, Roma
Farsetti, Prato
Meeting art, Vercelli
Pandolfini, Firenze.

Since 1994, some of the artist’s pieces are present in the Bologna "ARTE FIERA" (in 1995 with a personal room) In 1998 anthological exhibition in the Pistoia Town Hall The RAI (exclusive concessionaire of public broadcasting service in Italy) dedicated four reports about his work. Among the most remarkable critics who wrote about the artist, is worth remembering: Pier Carlo Santini, Mauro Innocenti, Alberico Sala,Edoardo Bianchini, Tommaso Paloscia, Omar Calabrese, Mario Luzi, Riccardo Soldani, Antonio Del Guercio. Really interesting is also his sculptural activity (began in 1969). Especially during the juvenile phase, the artist created the artwork "L'Uomo di Monteriggioni", work reviewed by Mario Luzzi and situated in the Town Hall lobby of Quarrata, Pistoia